Symphonion Double Comb, 10 Bell Music Box
Petersons Antiques
Overland Park, Ks.
Tel. 913-341-5065

This is a Symphonion Double Comb, 10 Bell
Music Box. It originally was a coin operated
music box. The Music Box will kind of play,
but needs restoration. The bells do not
function at this time.
The Music Box uses 21.25" disks. There are 9
disks with the Music Box.

The Music Box is 42.5" tall, and 30" wide.
Symphonion is marked on the movement. The
door on the case is marked "PH. LEONI,
AUTOMATIC," and on the top left side it has a
tag marked "Poner 10 Cents, Musica, and on
the right side it has a tag marked "Poner 10
Cents, Chocolate. The right side of the case
has a coin slot, and a sign Ponder 10 Cents,
and on the left side of the case is a coin slot.

We do not work on music boxes, but to us it
looks like some parts of the coin function are
missing, and maybe something to do with the
bells. The case is in fairly good condition.
Some one made a flat top years ago that just
sets on the top of the case.

If you are interested in this music box it would
probable be good to take a personal look at
the box. It came from a doctors estate in
Overland Park, Kansas. It would be a fabulous
Music Box when it is restored.
As you know the music box is heavy. We could
get a shipping quote for shipping charges from
Overland Park Ks. 66204.

Price $6,250.00 (Make Offer)